LMS Community Model to Reduce Costs

The LMS represents 17 consecutive years of collaborative development with our customers. Ongoing development is driven by a simple community model where a member requests a change and agrees to fund the development. Since engineering costs are covered, the hosting and customer service cost remain low. The typical customer with 10,000 learners is paying $380/month.

Our customers have never paid for user licenses or maintenance fees. They enjoy fixed pricing, invoiced monthly, quarterly, or annually, regardless of the number of learners.

Pricing for the TraCorp LMS and Related Services

TraCorp offers hosting services at a very low price. Each Plan includes two (2) hours of free administrative and/or technical support each month from TraCorp.
LMS Implementation and Configuration Cost
1. LMS Initialization $395.00
2. Up to 8 Hours of LMS Configuration & Training via Live Online Training $838.00
3. Branding to match your corporate look (selectable 2 to 20 labor hours) $200.00 – $1,800.00
4. Custom URL (unless provided) – yearly $65.00
5. SSL Certificate (secure log on) for Custom URL – yearly $150.00
6. Wildcard SSL (secure log on) for Non-Custom URL – yearly Inc.
7. DNS (Domain Name Service) – yearly $50.00
Optional “Sandbox” Test LMS
1. Monthly cost for a standalone test LMS $100.00
Hosting Plans*
1. Hosting Plan 1 – Monthly (first year) $380.00
2. Hosting Plan 2 – Monthly (use exceeds 200 GB of bandwidth/month) $575.00
3. Hosting Plan 3 – Monthly (use exceeds 400GB of bandwidth/month) $810.00
4. Hosting Plan 4 – Monthly (use exceeds 800GB of bandwidth/month) $1,155.00
5. Hosting Plan 5 – Monthly (use exceeds 1,600GB of bandwidth/month) $1,800.00
6. Hosting Plan 6 – Dedicated Server for large organizations (bandwidth determined by learner population and content delivery needs )** Custom Quote
Customer Support/LMS Modifications/Wizards
1. 2 Hours of technical support each month for customer administrators N/C
2. Tier 1 Learner Support – up to 10,000 learners** – Normal Business Hours CST (Monthly) From $1,500.00
3. Tier 1 Learner Support – up to 10,000 learners** – 24 x 7 x 365 (Monthly) From $3,000.00
4. Tier 2/3 Proxy LMS Administrator (Monthly) – up to 10,000 learners** From $3,200.00
* Most customers with less than 10,000 learners will be in Plan 1 Hosting for the foreseeable future. TraCorp offers customized pricing for small organizations with fewer than 200 learners per year. All customers start off in Plan 1 for the first year.

** Services for organizations with more than 10,000 learners may be quoted at higher level depending upon the required needs. Pricing can be monthly, quarterly, or yearly according to customer request.

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