Implementation and Configuration

During implementation, TraCorp works with the customer to optimize the LMS for their environment. TraCorp President, Andy Schermuly, offers new customers up to four hours of consultation to set up their LMS. This service is offered one time at no cost. In most cases, initial set up with high level stakeholders can be accomplished in a half-day at the TraCorp offices, with main administrators staying on in the afternoon to complete their first four hours of training, interacting directly with the TraCorp LMS support team. Many customers LMS platforms are implemented in less than one week.

Set-up assists customers in selecting the best combination of registration fields, general LMS settings, user groups and business rules to ensure a high level of automation. Automation assigns the correct curriculum to the learner based on their role(s) and training needs. The learner profile and associated demographic characteristics provide the basis for a rule-based approach to automatically assign and track curriculum. Configuring the LMS includes:

  • Defining User Fields
  • Creating User Groups and Auto-assignment Rules
  • Selecting Login Rules
  • Selecting Administrative Privileges for Sub and User Group Administrators
  • Importing the Learner Records from an Existing Database

Note: The LMS offers a do-it-yourself option, or customers may elect to have TraCorp import learners and existing training records from their legacy LMS or Human Resource systems.