Highlights For Learners:
Search catalog and assignments for new content
  • Register for online or “live” classes
  • Download and print a student class schedules
Training organized by Category or Learning Track with due dates for required assignments
One-click to Performance Support resources
Create Favorites for future reference
Print activity report and transcript
Print certificates
Enter CEU’s
Highlights for Customer Administrators:
Log in and out as both Administrator and Student — The TraCorp LMS tool can link accounts so that a single login can be a student and an administrator without having to log out and then back in.
Dashboard displayed with up-to-date statistics displayed when Admin users log in
Configure LMS operational parameters for environment
Set up new students and administrators
  • Update existing users — change name, user info
  • Assign user types — specify if this user is a student, instructor, etc.
Automatically assign users to user groups — allow a grouping of students so that assignments may be made in one step
  • Assign content to users — directly assign any number of single classes to a user or a user group
  • Assign content groups to users — content groups define a complete learning path (e.g. “Customer service core”) that can be assigned to a user or user group
Library wizard to add content to the LMS
  • Online, classroom and webinars supported
  • All digital content types and web links supported
  • Prerequisites, attachments and test-out options
  • Self-directed easy upload or linking
  • Create categories and learning tracks to group related content
  • Specify tracking type such as SCORM and AICC
  • Link certificate(s) to courses/learning tracks
Create assessments, surveys and capturing digital signatures
  • True/false, multiple choice and essay supported
  • Question-by-questions comparative results
  • Digital signature attestation
  • Surveys to evaluate learner experience
Create Certificates
  • Create certificates using Microsoft Word RTF files
  • Dynamic linking to fields such as learner name and completion information
Manage Live Training
  • Database of classrooms
  • Assign date and times to classroom and webinar sessions
Manage Continuing Education Units
  • Functionality for CEU environments such as healthcare and legal
Create, Store and Display News, Updates and Banners
  • Assign at the global or user group/department level
  • Configurable selections to brand the news and messaging for the audience
Send Email Capabilities
  • Unlimited customizable templates
  • Distribution wizard to target administrators and learners
  • Automatic notification for due dates and completion status such as completed or not completed
  • Email history
Customizable reports from over 20 report templates
  • Activity report
  • Course completion report
  • Student Transcript
  • Report by User Group/Department/Customer
  • Report by Learning Track
  • Save customized reports for re-use
Registration Fields, General Settings and Admin Tools
  • Create and manage learner profiles to enable automatic curriculum assignments
  • Powerful self-management of the system configuration
  • Tools to automate the uploading of learner legacy records, import and activate/deactivate learners and administrators