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United Technologies – Environment, Health & Safety

United Technologies Corp (UTC) experienced great success with the U.S. rollout of the Environmental Health and Safety training that TraCorp created. The U.S. success mandated that the training be delivered globally. TraCorp converted the training into Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean.

Salt River Project – Foundations of Electricity

Salt River Project, the oldest public utility in Arizona, hired TraCorp to create the Foundations of Electricity course for its employees. Through interactive experiments and discovery exercises, learners expand their “electrical” knowledge. Topics range from Ohm’s Law and how current flows through conductors, to operational and safety issues such as generator output and equipment grounding. Combining engaging instructional strategies with interactive, animated media allows learners unfamiliar with electricity to quickly visualize how it works in a way they can easily understand, and will not soon forget.

Metropolitan Water District – Plant Care

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California contracted with TraCorp to develop a series of courses that help residents understand the best ways to conserve water. The highly interactive Plant Care course provides information on how to analyze soil, create a water schedule and best feed various types of plants. Consumers access this course on-demand from the “Be Water Wise” website.

Metropolitan Water District – California Friendly Gardening

TraCorp worked with Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to develop a highly interactive online course on “California Friendly Gardening…for the Water Wise”. Launched through the “Be Water Wise” website, consumers can access information on plant selection, irrigation basics and landscape design. The first in its series, this course gives an overview of landscaping fundamentals and allows learners to design custom plans that can be printed when completed.

APS Palo Verde – Conduct of Engineering

APS Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station Conduct of Engineering was designed to teach engineers how to make better decisions when solving problems. The course has engineers apply problem solving tools to actual plant scenarios. The course describes the fundamental attributes that are the essence of sound engineering – resulting in a safer, better managed facility.

APS Palo Verde – Technical Rigor and Questioning Attitude

The APS Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station Technical Rigor and Questioning Attitude course is a requirement for engineers at one the nation's largest nuclear power plants. TraCorp worked with the Performance Improvement Team to create a course that teaches engineers processes to observe, detect and document potential problems before they affect plant operations. Engineers are given scenarios and are required to document what they observed. Once documented, their answers are compared to ideal examples so they can both practice and learn. To develop a “questioning attitude” engineers are shown examples and must identify what is wrong.

APS Palo Verde – Engineering Work Request Process

The APS Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station Engineering Work Request (EWR) Process course covers the individual steps in the work order process and the links to the Site Work Management System. Plant personnel will use the course as a real time online reference tool to understand the EWR process flow including reviews, approval, evaluations and closure.