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Corning – Science Products

The challenge was to train globally dispersed salespeople on the entire product line to increase worldwide sales. Accomplishing these goals required TraCorp to build an Custom Online Training application in a gaming environment and deliver it in nine languages. Covering not just products, the application teaches basic cellular biology and the scientific processes used in the industry. Corning expects that this familiarity with their products and industry processes will result in increased worldwide sales, and feedback from the sales force says "It's working!"

Banking/Credit Card Company – Fraud Detection Training

Because of an ongoing effort to reduce credit card fraud, this Banking and Credit Card Company developed a fraud awareness program for all employees, from entry level through management. TraCorp developed this program into an engaging and interactive "game" to teach participants nationwide about fraud and the impact of fraud on the company. This game interface has been identified by users to be fun and motivational by allowing students to "learn and play" while making their environment a better place through fraud awareness.

First American Registry – Effective Resident Screening

First American Registry historically distributed information through the use of seminars and needed to find a more efficient way to distribute resident screening information training. TraCorp's custom online courseware was the answer. The Effective Resident Screening course provides a step-by-step process for collecting and analyzing applicant information to make sound tenancy decisions for the rental property community.

Accounting & Services – Individual Taxation

TraCorp worked with this firm to produce training for their newly hired worldwide accounting personnel so that they could prepare the Individual Taxation forms for U.S. tax clients at home and abroad. The training is comprehensive, covering hours of scenarios and possibilities with the average student requiring 15.5 hours to complete the courseware.

Pierce Eislen – Pierce Eislen Subscriber

Pierce Eislen hired TraCorp to develop short animations that quickly instruct learners to perform specific tasks within the Pierce Eislen Subscriber software, which is geared toward the commercial apartment industry. Learners view a brief narrated overview of the software task followed by an animated example of the task in a simulated environment. After the example animation finishes, the course provides a link directly to the Subscriber application so the learner can perform the task within the actual software.

First Advantage SafeRent – Trends in Resident Screening

First Advantage worked with TraCorp to create training for property managers, associates and other professionals in the multifamily housing industry. The Trends in Resident Screening online learning course teaches these professionals about the resident screening process and how to safeguard the personal information of applicants. TraCorp used learning interactions such as discovery, drag and drop, and matching exercises to engage the learner.

Cash Transaction Management – Catch the Cash

Cash Transaction Management Services hired TraCorp to develop an interactive training course to instruct auto dealership employees on the federal regulations regarding cash transactions. This highly interactive course uses engaging exercises to practice and reinforce the student’s knowledge of proper cash transaction reporting. The Catch the Cash Academy uses the TraCorp Learning Management System (LMS) to launch and record all training results. Once a student successfully completes the course, he or she can print a certificate of completion.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona – Marketplace Diversity

Marketplace Diversity was designed to help Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona reach specific goals in their 8-Year Vision. The course touches upon a wide range of diversity topics directly related to the company. Students are encouraged to build a culture of inclusion and collaboration that will ultimately lead to a stronger organization.

Renegade – Sell, Satisfy and Succeed

Renegade hired TraCorp to develop all of the media and practice exercises for their online Sell, Satisfy and Succeed course. The course is targeted for the cable and wireless industry, to specifically teach techniques to sell value. This course is one of many examples where TraCorp partners with another company to develop SCORM compliant courses for the Internet.

Green Chefs – Blue Ocean

Green Chefs - Blue Ocean is designed to teach Chefs how to create menu choices that sustain the ocean’s fish population. The course was created by the partnership of two non-profit organizations, Chef’s Collaborative and Blue Ocean Institute. The course shares interviews with famous Chefs who have adopted rules for menus that save the ocean’s fish from extinction. The course contains interactive exercises that allow the learner to create menus resulting in a sustainable fishing environment.