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U.S. Air Force – Fitness Program Office

The goal of the US Air Force Fitness Program Office was to create a training application to teach Air Force personnel how to operate the new software and equipment used in fitness testing. The target audience was located on bases across the globe and had to be reached by a combination of CD-ROM, LAN/WAN and Internet deployments. TraCorp met these goals by building a training application that uses both knowledge-based training and simulation to certify fitness testers. All trainees must pass the simulation of equipment and software set up and operation to pass the course.

U.S. Air Force – Passenger Services Operations

This course provides information on processing Department of Defense (DoD) passengers. Air Force personnel learn about different categories of travel, how to process passengers, accepting baggage and terminal security. TraCorp incorporated software simulation, interactive scenarios, puzzles and games that engage the students throughout the training.

U.S. Air Force – Data Records

TraCorp uses software simulation and interactive forms to guide students through the process of verifying records and data received from several different divisions of Air Mobility Control (AMC). AMC then uses this information to bill and collect revenue for air transportation services and assist in determining manpower requirements.

U.S. Air Force – Stage Management

Have you ever been so tired you had to pull off the road and take a nap? Staged crews help the Air Force minimize ground time and provide well-rested crews for the continuing aircraft. A Stage Manager keeps track of each crew as they arrive and depart the station. Their duties include the securing of sleeping accommodations, food and transportation. As in every TraCorp course, each lesson in the Stage training course contains engaging activities, and a knowledge check, with useful and informative feedback.

U.S. Air Force – Air Mobility Operations Course

The Flash graphics in this lesson are extraordinary, and highly interactive. This course covers Air Mobility Command's responsibilities, including aero-medical evacuation of wounded military and civilian personnel, air refueling, and the transportation of troops and cargo to strategic locations. Animations, scenarios, click and drag puzzles, and interactive charts are throughout the course to engage students.

U.S. Air Force – CHARM

The Chief Host Aviation Resource Management (CHARM) course defines the Aviation Career Incentive Act. This act established rules for paying rated officers incentive pay for flying duties based on years of service and the number of months of flying duty they have accumulated. TraCorp incorporated a variety of interactive learning activities, including scenarios, interactive forms, drag and drop puzzles, and a wheel-of-fortune game to engage the students. TraCorp makes learning FUN!

U.S. Air Force – Air Terminal Operations Center

The Air Terminal Operations Center (ATOC) provides work centers with the information to efficiently receive, document, and move passengers, cargo and mail. TraCorp uses interactive forms and animations to get the student involved in the process of dispersing information to the aerial port work centers. Students have fun calculating the proper sequence for loading, and establishing the center of balance for cargo on a variety of military aircraft.

U.S. Air Force – Air Freight

Air Freight personnel are responsible for originating and terminating cargo and mail for the U.S. Air Force. The Air Freight course effectively trains them in the entire process of preparing the cargo for shipment, securing it on the aircraft, storing hazardous materials and explosives, and the rapid deployment of personnel. TraCorp used engaging interactive exercises in each lesson to keep the student involved throughout the entire course and reinforce key learning points.

Arizona Department of Revenue – Business Taxpayer Training

Arizona Department of Revenue (DOR) participated in TraCorp's Co-Development Program. TraCorp trained two DOR employees during the development of the \"A-Z Taxes for Small Business\" course. The training course was centered on educating small business owners on the forms used by the DOR to collect taxes from small businesses. By allowing businesses to take the training online, DOR has already saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in print, mailing and seminar costs. TraCorp was given an award by the Governor of Arizona to recognize the financial savings to the state as a result of this project. TraCorp Received Governor's Award!

U.S. Air Force – Spotter Training

The United States Air Force hired TraCorp to convert its line of CD-ROM training courses to standards compliant online learning for delivery across the Internet and military networks. TraCorp was responsible for validating the curriculum, closing any educational or skill gaps and recreating the interface, all media, animations, interactions and testing. The finished products are now launching from the Thinq LMS to a worldwide audience.

Arizona Supreme Court – Legal Terminology

TraCorp helped the Arizona Supreme Court to convert their New Judge Orientation classroom courses into online training. As a part of the Judicial College of Arizona, this course introduces new Justices of the Peace, Justices of the Peace Pro Tempore, and Justice Court Hearing Officers to the “legal language” used in the legal community. Students learn the common legal terminology used in the field while following the story of a typical court case.

SPAWAR – SNAP Automated Medical Training

TraCorp partnered with the Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) to create the SNAP Automated Medical System (SAMS) training course. Navel personnel were trained to correctly input information in a simulated software environment. The software was used to document environmental and medical conditions onboard ships.

U.S. Air Force – Material Handling Equipment

Instead of sitting in a classroom, airmen now learn and practice Material Handling Equipment (MHE) skills through online learning embedded with powerful simulations. The USAF has a multitude of Aerial Port Vehicles ranging from forklifts in the warehouse to service vehicles and huge K-loaders on the flight line. MHE must be operated safely and in accordance with established policies. This course covers the licensing requirements to operate the equipment and vehicle safety. Students are fully prepared for vehicle certification and follow up the online course with on-the-job training.

City of Tempe – Preventative Maintenance Program

The City of Tempe had been benefiting from long-time employees in the Water Management Division who had performed at an exceptional level on-the-job. The challenge of the division was that these exceptional employees were retiring, and with them, the knowledge of their job functions. TraCorp went on routine and emergency calls with the Water Management Division in order to determine \"best practices\". The training course that resulted documented the procedures and protocols that would guarantee the quality of workmanship and level of service being provided would continue without compromise.

Arizona Supreme Court – Legal Research

The Arizona Supreme Court made the decision to turn all of their New Judge Orientation classroom courses into online training. This method was chosen due to the need to quickly and consistently train court officers statewide and track their results, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. TraCorp was given the task to create a courseware that’s both professional and fun. As a part of the Judicial College of Arizona, this course teaches new Justices of the Peace, Justices of the Peace Pro Tempore, and Justice Court Hearing Officers how to use the basic references for locating statutes, rules, and cases in order to research citations.

California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training

This training course, Communications: Keeping Your Edge, was developed for California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). They believe that good communication skills are critical for police officers. This training presents communication techniques with real life scenarios. The officers are able to practice these techniques in the course and then get immediate feedback. Two full hours of CPT credit are given for this course.

Air National Guard – Continuous Flight Pay

The Air National Guard hired TraCorp to create an online learning course on Aviation Resource Management Fundamentals to train their personnel on how to calculate continuous flight pay. TraCorp created a highly interactive training course with role-plays, learning games and bounded simulations that allow students to practice and test their knowledge. Scenarios are presented to the learner who must then use job aids to correctly apply all appropriate variables.

USAF/Boeing – Combat Survivor/Evader Locator (CSEL) Simulator

TraCorp worked with the US Air Force and Boeing subject matter experts to create custom online training for the Combat Survivor/Evader Locator Handheld Radio (HHR). The goal was to create a simulated free play version of the CSEL Radio to operate in a virtual (computer-based) environment. The simulator provides on-demand training so students could practice critical tasks identical to what they would have to do in the field to prepare the radio for field use.

U.S. Air Force – FEMO

The US Air Force Expeditionary Center provides our nation with strategic agility to deploy, employ, and sustain military power in response to crises worldwide. TraCorp and TKC Communications were contracted to develop highly interactive online learning to train USAF personnel on its organizational structure and related operations. Course information is brought to life using rich animations and a variety of interactive exercises designed to engage the learner.

United States Federal Bankruptcy Court – vCal

TraCorp worked with the Federal Bankruptcy Court to develop a blended learning approach for their vCal court scheduling system. The project included developing an exercise rich training course with a companion online user manual. A marketing demo was created for courts not using the system.