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TriWest – New Employee Orientation

How do you give your new employees an accurate, easy-to-access orientation to your company? How do you easily explain how to get to the company intranet on the first day, your company's history in healthcare, how your company is structured, and successful ways of interacting with customers? And, how do you know if your new employees understand the information? This all becomes easy with TraCorp's online learning new employee orientation! This course answered all TriWest Healthcare's new employee needs, and we even traced all the student scores to TraCorp's Learning Management System (LMS).

APS Palo Verde – Engineering Work Request Process

The APS Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station Engineering Work Request (EWR) Process course covers the individual steps in the work order process and the links to the Site Work Management System. Plant personnel will use the course as a real time online reference tool to understand the EWR process flow including reviews, approval, evaluations and closure.

SPAWAR – SNAP Automated Medical Training

TraCorp partnered with the Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) to create the SNAP Automated Medical System (SAMS) training course. Navel personnel were trained to correctly input information in a simulated software environment. The software was used to document environmental and medical conditions onboard ships.

Wireless Mountain – Kiosk at Comdex

TraCorp created an interactive promotional CD/Kiosk that was launched by Wireless Mountain at COMDEX. The application let users explore Wireless Mountain's products and services in a self-paced environment. The application was developed using Macromedia Flash for both the Internet and CD-ROM deployment. P.S. Wireless Mountain won best of show at COMDEX!.

Indian Health Service – Caries Diagnosis and Risk Management

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) at the Indian Health Service and TraCorp developed a series of low cost courses for their dental personnel. TraCorp provides instructional design, animations, illustrations and programming services to ensure a media rich course that will be enjoyed by the learner.

Honeywell – Principles of Adult Learning

TraCorp helped Honeywell develop the Principles of Adult Learning online course for its Human Resource professionals. Honeywell’s goal was to provide practical techniques for applying adult learning theory to training created by the HR department. TraCorp integrated popular industry expert perspectives with real-life applications for Honeywell HR personnel. The resulting Principles of Adult Learning is a train-the-trainer course rich in scenario-based learning examples.

NDC Health – Health Retail Rx Contracting Services Training

NDC Health wanted to train sales personnel on the comprehensive process that occurs between pharmaceutical companies and retail pharmacies. The goal was to enable more sales through a better understanding of NDC's contracting programs, contracting service, potential customers, customers programs and selling prescription retail contracting services. Sales scenarios were created to allow students to practice in a simulated environment followed by an assessment.

Sun Health – Leadership

Students follow Maria, a mentor, to learn the importance of leadership skills and how attitude impacts others, as well as the company. The course uses interactive exercises to walk students through the leadership characteristics needed to be successful in their careers. The course was developed in HTML5 for online and mobile delivery.

Microchip – PIC 32 Tutorial

The tutorial demonstrates to potential engineering customers how easy the PIC 32 microprocessor tool set is to use as compared to its competitors. In less than 9 minutes engineers can be fully trained on how to install the tools and begin programming the microprocessor.

California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training

This training course, Communications: Keeping Your Edge, was developed for California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). They believe that good communication skills are critical for police officers. This training presents communication techniques with real life scenarios. The officers are able to practice these techniques in the course and then get immediate feedback. Two full hours of CPT credit are given for this course.

Choice Hotels – Selling That Delivers

Choice Hotels hired TraCorp to update sales training created for Choice's front desk personnel at over 3,000 hotels worldwide. The \"Selling that Delivers\" course is a fun way to educate them. Videos, interactive worksheets, and knowledge checks help Choice employees gain valuable skills in salesmanship, making a good first impression, establishing rapport with each and every customer, knowing their competition and how to establish value vs. price when dealing with their clients.

Choice Hotels – Creating a New Service Culture Presentation

TraCorp developed this informational presentation for a senior Choice Hotels executive. The presentation was given at their 2010 national convention at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The presentation has led to the development of an online course that will be delivered to an audience of 7,000 hotels later in the year.

Ventana Medical System – HER2 SISH

Ventana Medical System hired TraCorp to develop online training for technicians and pathologists to become certified to run and interpret results of Ventana’s HER2 Protein Test. This protein test helps determine the correct treatment for certain types of breast cancer. Ventana’s goal was to ensure a high level of consistency in the protein test preparation, slide creation and in determining test results. TraCorp used a variety of learning strategies, from informational and knowledge-based training to highly interactive training with near-to-life practice exercises.

Choice Hotels – Associate Training

Choice Hotels hired TraCorp to created bounded simulations and training scenarios for its front desk hotel management software. The software and training are used in more 3,000 hotels worldwide. Choice is also a TraCorp (no charge) LMS customer and delivers training to end users through normal Windows files, while collecting student progress data centrally using Internet protocols. This allows them extraordinary security and does not expose the front desk computers to the Internet. Just one more example of TraCorp doing whatever is necessary to enable online training in a tough delivery environment.

U.S. Air Force – Fitness Program Office

The goal of the US Air Force Fitness Program Office was to create a training application to teach Air Force personnel how to operate the new software and equipment used in fitness testing. The target audience was located on bases across the globe and had to be reached by a combination of CD-ROM, LAN/WAN and Internet deployments. TraCorp met these goals by building a training application that uses both knowledge-based training and simulation to certify fitness testers. All trainees must pass the simulation of equipment and software set up and operation to pass the course.

Surgical Laser Training

Under subcontract, TraCorp built a sophisticated training program for medical personnel to learn about the latest surgical laser. The Surgical Laser Training course uses Flash animations to simulate the laser’s capabilities and compare its features with competitive models. Experts in the laser’s use can now provide technical information to large audiences using these animations along with a companion PowerPoint presentation TraCorp also created.

Accounting & Services – Individual Taxation

TraCorp worked with this firm to produce training for their newly hired worldwide accounting personnel so that they could prepare the Individual Taxation forms for U.S. tax clients at home and abroad. The training is comprehensive, covering hours of scenarios and possibilities with the average student requiring 15.5 hours to complete the courseware.

Honeywell – User Experience

Need description

Environmental Defense and PHH Arval– PHH GreenFleet

Environmental Defense and PHH Arval collaborated to create PHH GreenFleet. The program trains thousands of fleet operators on how to reduce their carbon impact and thus reduce global warming. Drivers learn new fleet operation techniques that save fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Banner Health – HIPAA Compliance Training

Banner Health needed to comply with federally mandated training for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). As a provider of health related services, Banner Health was required to implement a variety of different training courses for their employees and volunteers. Together, TraCorp and Banner Health designed a fun and interactive course that best addressed the needs of each individual end-user, while at the same time fulfilling all federal requirements for the training.

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