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Lifeloc – Breath Alcohol Technician Training

The Breath Alcohol Technician Training course is another example of TraCorp converting a PowerPoint-based classroom course to online learning with delivery through the TraCorp LMS. The courseware was created in Articulate with source files given to the Lifeloc for long term maintenance. Teaming with TraCorp resulted in a professionally developed course that is easily updated by the customer.

SM&A – Oracle Time & Expense Reporting

TraCorp worked with CompUSA and SM&A to create online training for the Oracle Time & Expense Reporting software application using animated “show me” exercises. The “show me” instructional strategy incorporates a series of task-based lessons written for a wide ranging demographic profile. Each shows how a task is performed using an animated example with synchronized narrative audio.

Procter & Gamble/Iams Company – Good for Life

The Iams Foundation in Nutrition training was originally developed for the U.S. veterinarian audience. Vets learn about pet nutrition and the specific value derived from Iams pet foods. The training was so well received that Iams returned to TraCorp to globalize the training. The training is now currently available in Spanish, Dutch, Italian, French, Japanese and German.

Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center (MATEC)

MATEC, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, had a mission to deliver semiconductor manufacturing curriculum and course materials to community college professors across the country. TraCorp worked with MATEC to design and build an Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) that enabled professors to browse materials over the Internet and quickly download and build lesson plans complete with course content and training aids. This now allows U.S. workers to compete with other countries for high paying jobs at semiconductor plants.

Renegade – Sell, Satisfy and Succeed

Renegade hired TraCorp to develop all of the media and practice exercises for their online Sell, Satisfy and Succeed course. The course is targeted for the cable and wireless industry, to specifically teach techniques to sell value. This course is one of many examples where TraCorp partners with another company to develop SCORM compliant courses for the Internet.

First Advantage SafeRent – Trends in Resident Screening

First Advantage worked with TraCorp to create training for property managers, associates and other professionals in the multifamily housing industry. The Trends in Resident Screening online learning course teaches these professionals about the resident screening process and how to safeguard the personal information of applicants. TraCorp used learning interactions such as discovery, drag and drop, and matching exercises to engage the learner.

Arizona Department of Revenue – Business Taxpayer Training

Arizona Department of Revenue (DOR) participated in TraCorp's Co-Development Program. TraCorp trained two DOR employees during the development of the \"A-Z Taxes for Small Business\" course. The training course was centered on educating small business owners on the forms used by the DOR to collect taxes from small businesses. By allowing businesses to take the training online, DOR has already saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in print, mailing and seminar costs. TraCorp was given an award by the Governor of Arizona to recognize the financial savings to the state as a result of this project. TraCorp Received Governor's Award!

Knight Transportation – Operations

TraCorp converted 32 eLearning Captivate® courses to browser-responsive, mobile-ready delivery. Drivers can learn anytime, anywhere in their downtime. The courses were customized to deliver on a proprietary Android platform tablet from the Knight-branded TraCorp LMS platform.

Budget Truck – Point of Sale Software Training

Budget Truck implemented a new worldwide point-of-sale system for its rental fleet. TraCorp developed the course using its Bounded Software Simulation techniques for Budget’s 6,000 dealerships. Students were required to practice tasks within simulated scenarios identical to what they will encounter on the job. The course is comprehensive and includes software set up at the dealership along with lessons for frontline and management personnel.");

Yuma Regional Medical Center – New Employee Orientation

Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) needed a way to train new employees during the first day on the job. YMRC teamed with TraCorp to develop a series of independent online learning modules covering critical policies and procedures. Training that normally took an entire day can now be completed within a few hours. All modules are launched and tracked through the HealthStream Learning Management System as the repository of all YMRC personnel training history.

TriWest – New Employee Orientation

How do you give your new employees an accurate, easy-to-access orientation to your company? How do you easily explain how to get to the company intranet on the first day, your company's history in healthcare, how your company is structured, and successful ways of interacting with customers? And, how do you know if your new employees understand the information? This all becomes easy with TraCorp's online learning new employee orientation! This course answered all TriWest Healthcare's new employee needs, and we even traced all the student scores to TraCorp's Learning Management System (LMS).

APS Palo Verde – Engineering Work Request Process

The APS Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station Engineering Work Request (EWR) Process course covers the individual steps in the work order process and the links to the Site Work Management System. Plant personnel will use the course as a real time online reference tool to understand the EWR process flow including reviews, approval, evaluations and closure.

SPAWAR – SNAP Automated Medical Training

TraCorp partnered with the Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) to create the SNAP Automated Medical System (SAMS) training course. Navel personnel were trained to correctly input information in a simulated software environment. The software was used to document environmental and medical conditions onboard ships.

Wireless Mountain – Kiosk at Comdex

TraCorp created an interactive promotional CD/Kiosk that was launched by Wireless Mountain at COMDEX. The application let users explore Wireless Mountain's products and services in a self-paced environment. The application was developed using Macromedia Flash for both the Internet and CD-ROM deployment. P.S. Wireless Mountain won best of show at COMDEX!.

Indian Health Service – Caries Diagnosis and Risk Management

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) at the Indian Health Service and TraCorp developed a series of low cost courses for their dental personnel. TraCorp provides instructional design, animations, illustrations and programming services to ensure a media rich course that will be enjoyed by the learner.

Honeywell – Principles of Adult Learning

TraCorp helped Honeywell develop the Principles of Adult Learning online course for its Human Resource professionals. Honeywell’s goal was to provide practical techniques for applying adult learning theory to training created by the HR department. TraCorp integrated popular industry expert perspectives with real-life applications for Honeywell HR personnel. The resulting Principles of Adult Learning is a train-the-trainer course rich in scenario-based learning examples.

NDC Health – Health Retail Rx Contracting Services Training

NDC Health wanted to train sales personnel on the comprehensive process that occurs between pharmaceutical companies and retail pharmacies. The goal was to enable more sales through a better understanding of NDC's contracting programs, contracting service, potential customers, customers programs and selling prescription retail contracting services. Sales scenarios were created to allow students to practice in a simulated environment followed by an assessment.

Sun Health – Leadership

Students follow Maria, a mentor, to learn the importance of leadership skills and how attitude impacts others, as well as the company. The course uses interactive exercises to walk students through the leadership characteristics needed to be successful in their careers. The course was developed in HTML5 for online and mobile delivery.

Microchip – PIC 32 Tutorial

The tutorial demonstrates to potential engineering customers how easy the PIC 32 microprocessor tool set is to use as compared to its competitors. In less than 9 minutes engineers can be fully trained on how to install the tools and begin programming the microprocessor.

California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training

This training course, Communications: Keeping Your Edge, was developed for California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). They believe that good communication skills are critical for police officers. This training presents communication techniques with real life scenarios. The officers are able to practice these techniques in the course and then get immediate feedback. Two full hours of CPT credit are given for this course.