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Ventana Medical System – HER2 SISH

Ventana Medical System hired TraCorp to develop online training for technicians and pathologists to become certified to run and interpret results of Ventana’s HER2 Protein Test. This protein test helps determine the correct treatment for certain types of breast cancer. Ventana’s goal was to ensure a high level of consistency in the protein test preparation, slide creation and in determining test results. TraCorp used a variety of learning strategies, from informational and knowledge-based training to highly interactive training with near-to-life practice exercises.

Choice Hotels – Associate Training

Choice Hotels hired TraCorp to created bounded simulations and training scenarios for its front desk hotel management software. The software and training are used in more 3,000 hotels worldwide. Choice is also a TraCorp (no charge) LMS customer and delivers training to end users through normal Windows files, while collecting student progress data centrally using Internet protocols. This allows them extraordinary security and does not expose the front desk computers to the Internet. Just one more example of TraCorp doing whatever is necessary to enable online training in a tough delivery environment.

U.S. Air Force – Fitness Program Office

The goal of the US Air Force Fitness Program Office was to create a training application to teach Air Force personnel how to operate the new software and equipment used in fitness testing. The target audience was located on bases across the globe and had to be reached by a combination of CD-ROM, LAN/WAN and Internet deployments. TraCorp met these goals by building a training application that uses both knowledge-based training and simulation to certify fitness testers. All trainees must pass the simulation of equipment and software set up and operation to pass the course.

Surgical Laser Training

Under subcontract, TraCorp built a sophisticated training program for medical personnel to learn about the latest surgical laser. The Surgical Laser Training course uses Flash animations to simulate the laser’s capabilities and compare its features with competitive models. Experts in the laser’s use can now provide technical information to large audiences using these animations along with a companion PowerPoint presentation TraCorp also created.

Accounting & Services – Individual Taxation

TraCorp worked with this firm to produce training for their newly hired worldwide accounting personnel so that they could prepare the Individual Taxation forms for U.S. tax clients at home and abroad. The training is comprehensive, covering hours of scenarios and possibilities with the average student requiring 15.5 hours to complete the courseware.

Honeywell – User Experience

Need description

Environmental Defense and PHH Arval– PHH GreenFleet

Environmental Defense and PHH Arval collaborated to create PHH GreenFleet. The program trains thousands of fleet operators on how to reduce their carbon impact and thus reduce global warming. Drivers learn new fleet operation techniques that save fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Banner Health – HIPAA Compliance Training

Banner Health needed to comply with federally mandated training for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). As a provider of health related services, Banner Health was required to implement a variety of different training courses for their employees and volunteers. Together, TraCorp and Banner Health designed a fun and interactive course that best addressed the needs of each individual end-user, while at the same time fulfilling all federal requirements for the training.

Procter & Gamble/IamsCompany – Label Reading

Iams, a long time customer of TraCorp, recently requested to update courseware originally produced in Macromedia Authorware to Macromedia Flash for their Label Reading course. The final result was their customers were allowed easier Internet access to the lessons that were now launched from their Learning Management System (LMS). TraCorp products work! We guarantee it!

Sun Health – Fire Safety

This was a simple conversion of slide-based fire safety classroom training on into online SCORM compliant training. The job included the addition of rich media, Spanish localization and a final assessment. Delivery is through the Sun Health E/Service portal powered by the TraCorp LMS.

Banner Health – HIPAA Contracting With Business Associates

TraCorp worked with Banner Health to create an online learning course to provide their Health Contract Coordinators with a comprehensive understanding of contract conditions for Business Associates as it relates to HIPAA regulations. Highly animated and interactive, this course includes the “Banner Game Show” to test employees’ knowledge of the privacy and security of healthcare information when working with Business Associates.

Honeywell – Trade Show Kiosk Support

Honeywell chose TraCorp to help them produce an educational kiosk for use in all the major trade shows that they attend. Stringent requirements were met to make the kiosk flexible enough so that it represents all aviation groups and yet is easily reconfigured for a specific target audience at a moment’s notice. The development project was completed within 30 days with Honeywell personnel working side-by-side with TraCorp in a co-development effort. The kiosk has been continually updated and used over the years at the National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA) Show, Farnborough Air Show, Heli Expo and several other regional shows.

TMSSC – Pathologist Training

Users within the five different medical disciplines of the Army, Navy and Air Force required training on mission critical software tasks in order to complete assigned job duties. To teach the software tasks, a simulation environment was created along a feedback rich structure that actually turned negatives into positives by using wrong answers as an opportunity to learn and try again. Note: This is just one example of many Custom Online Training applications TraCorp has developed to support the deployment and training requirements for military software systems.

Choice Hotels – choice ADVANTAGE

The choice ADVANTAGE course teaches front desk operations. The image shown to the left was taken from an update to the original course. TraCorp performs update and course maintenance on an “as needed” basis so customer courses reflect the current operational environment.

Job Analysis Training Group – PublicPersonnel.com

Job Analysis Training Group needed a way to provide a dynamic overview of its PublicPersonnel software, which conducts wage and salary surveys for Human Resources personnel. The application had to be available on-demand as a guided tour launched directly from the PublicPersonnel.com website as well as a marketing piece that could be used independently. TraCorp created a 5-minute infomercial that highlighted the features and benefits of the application using Adobe/Macromedia Flash.

Otis Elevator Company – Maintenance and Safety

Otis Elevator chose TraCorp to update an existing elevator maintenance and safety online training course. TraCorp's team seamlessly matched writing style, graphical look and feel, and interactivity to cost-effectively update the course.

Valley Metro RPTA – Be Right Walk Right

Pedestrian Safety is the second course in a series designed and accredited for Arizona school children. Kids interact with a game environment to make safe route decisions between home, school, the mall and other locations. As with popular video games, a wrong decision means you get run over. The course is available in both English and Spanish and as a self-running version for outlets such as doctors' offices.

Ventana Medical System – BenchMark ULTRA Software

Ventana Medical uses the ULTRA tutorial to quickly train lab technicians on the software interface and functions. Students learn from lessons that depict “a day in the life” of a lab technician. Each lesson integrates the software with lab procedures and equipment for a comprehensive educational experience.

United Technologies – Environment, Health & Safety

United Technologies Corp (UTC) experienced great success with the U.S. rollout of the Environmental Health and Safety training that TraCorp created. The U.S. success mandated that the training be delivered globally. TraCorp converted the training into Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean.

Avnet – Virtual Competency Card Sort

Avnet secured the rights to the Lominger Limited, Inc. Competency Card Sort tool and hired TraCorp to create a simulated online version. Previously, personnel had limited access since it required the possession of a physical set of cards. The simulated version allowed Avnet to roll out this powerful competency tool to their global organization without worrying about lost cards, missing instructions or outdated versions.