Custom eLearning

Engaging. Relevant. Built Right.

Your Team

As a customer, you work directly with TraCorp’s award-winning professional custom eLearning development staff. Your team includes a project manager, instructional designer(s), media personnel, and programmers. Each project begins with a courseware design document that outlines the scope, learning outcomes, interactive strategy and delivery environment. A good foundation ensures each piece of custom eLearning is done right the first time.


Your ideas are solicited and brought to life from the very beginning. In addition to the learning outcomes, we make sure that your passion comes through to the learner. We do this by telling stories and developing real-life scenarios. In the end, we meld our experience with your knowledge to create the right learning environment for your audience.

Course Design

Your organization’s image is maintained by working closely with a TraCorp visual communication specialist. We offer a wide range of design styles for your course interface and content. Course styles include photo realism, 3-D, animations, and illustrated characters. Our goal is to develop a course that matches your desired public image.

Development and Delivery Technologies

We develop using all the popular tools including our HTML5, browser-responsive, mobile-ready eLearning shell for delivery to PC/MAC desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Project Management

Log on daily and watch your project being built. TraCorp maintains a robust and collaborative project management website for your courses. The site allows your local or global team to preview the course and simultaneously document requested changes. The site also contains a history of all project documents along with the latest release of course modules. After a course is completed, customers continue to use the site to request maintenance changes for future course releases.


We realize you already have a full time job. Our beginning-to-end development process is designed to reduce customer workload during the production of the course. Production begins with an initial kick-off meeting to collect all information needed to create the course design document. Upon approval of the design document, TraCorp will immediately begin delivering course storyboards for review and approval. Approved storyboards flow directly to the programming and media team. Typically customers spend between two and four hours per week reviewing storyboards and completed lessons. The end result for the customer is a smooth linear development process.


Our eLearning meets both Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and Aircraft Industry CBT Committee (AICC) standards for interoperability with Learning Management Systems (LMS). Each course contains an embedded control console to quickly troubleshoot and identify any communication problems with the target LMS. TraCorp offers customers sample SCORM/AICC courses to test on their LMS early in the development process. TraCorp tests all courses on its own SCORM/AICC compliant LMS.


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