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How to Find the Right Instructional Designers for Your Courses At its core, instructional design (ID) is the creation of instructional materials, however, there is much more to instructional design than this. Sound instructional design examines how users learn and which materials and methods will most effectively allow learners to achieve their goals. The principles […]

Justifying the Value & Return of Creating a Positive Learning Experience

TraCorp’s Role in Choice Hotel’s Ascension to the #1 Top Learning Organization in 2020 Choice Hotels is one of the largest hospitality franchising companies in the world, with nearly 6,800 hotels across 14 brands in more than 40 countries and territories. They have long believed in the power of education at all levels of the […]

The Secret to Our Low-Cost Pricing Model Finding the right online learning management system (LMS) for your organization is more important than ever during the Coronavirus crisis. Even if you are feeling a sense of urgency to get an LMS up and running as soon as possible, it is important to understand that you do […]

Benefits of a Community-Driven LMS The world of online learning is rapidly expanding, and the utilization of a Learning Management System (LMS) helps bring your learning goals to new heights. However, if you choose a platform that isn’t right for your organization, you may find an LMS platform is bringing your budget to new heights, […]

Switch to Affordable Online Classes

We Make Switching LMS Platforms Simple

TraCorp LMS Release 9.41.0 – 4/14/20 Services LMS Platforms Custom eLearning Content Conversions Staff Augmentation Localization Video Production Pricing LMS Platform Pricing Learning Development Pricing Customers Client / Vendor Login Help Desk Blog About Contact Us Services LMS Platforms Custom eLearning Content Conversions Staff Augmentation Localization Video Production Pricing LMS Platform Pricing Learning Development Pricing […]

TraCorp allowed a talented group of young artists to use its studios pro bono to film a music video. Sometimes life is about what you give with the reward being watching others succeed!

TraCorp’s LMS recently added new dashboards for user group administrators. Watch as Andy Schermuly demonstrates the new dashboards using the State of Arizona’s LMS platform. The LMS dashboards allow management to quickly identify the engagement level and progress (of direct reports) towards learning tracks and competencies. The dashboards make it easy for supervisors with the ability to view and export reports on a single click.

3 Steps to Better Healthcare Training It is no mystery that the healthcare industry is complex, everchanging, and operates with incredibly high stakes. At times, it may seem the number of challenges healthcare organizations face is too numerous to count. Consider some of these challenge areas—keeping in mind there are many more: Managing rising costs […]

Press Release: Choice Hotels International and TraCorp Win Bronze at the 2018 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in Technology Choice Hotels International and its LMS provider, TraCorp, won a coveted Brandon Hall Group bronze award for excellence in the Best Advance in Learning Management Measurement/Business Impact Tools category. Their joint win was announced on December […]

9 Questions to Ask at Project Kickoff Seasoned instructional designers know projects can get derailed for a variety of reasons, such as changes in scope, unstable content, and shifting deadlines, to name a few. However, some obstacles can be detected early by simply collecting the proper information at the beginning of a project. Use, and […]

4 Steps to Successful LMS Selection Are you in the market for an LMS and don’t know where to start? The industry is full of options, and it can feel tedious to weed through them all. Use this guide to help you shop for an LMS that meets your needs and budget. Step 1. Decide […]

10 Tips For Creating Even Better Design Documents Writing a detailed design or outline is both art and science. It is science because there is a process and steps to follow. It is art because each project does not easily fit into a cookie-cutter mold. An effective detailed design begins with a basic outline; then, […]

Tobi Flowers Named Project Manager at TraCorp TraCorp is proud to announce and welcome Tobi Flowers as a Project Manager with responsibilities over courseware production and LMS development at its Glendale, AZ headquarters. Flowers succeeds Diane Pelland who is retiring after 20 years of service at TraCorp. Tobi said, “I look forward to the opportunity […]

Translating eLearning For International Audiences 5-Step Process For Translating eLearning For International Audiences Our team is in the process of translating learning assets into multiple languages to reach the global learning audience for our client, Choice Hotels International. We have developed a process and set of tools that could help you prepare scripts for localization […]

3 Tips For Adding Infographics To Training Programs Tip 1Determine the role, placement, and content for infographics in your program. Tip 2Create a mock-up or prototype of an infographic for SME and Stakeholder Review. Tip 3Publish and evaluate the effectiveness of infographics in your program. Design Tips Write a concise headline. Choose a simple layout. […]

How to Boost Volunteer Engagement Through Your LMS Many nonprofit organizations struggle with recruiting, training, and retaining their volunteer base. We have found that automating the onboarding process using a learning management system (LMS) costs less and is more effective than trying to onboard volunteers on site. The case study outlined in this article illustrates […]

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