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Knight Transportation

We converted 32 e-learning courses to browser-responsive, mobile ready delivery...


Courses spanning continents from the Americas to the Middle East and Asia.


Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)

Human User Experience

Cascading a leadership message.

Sun Health Assisted Living and Community Education Program

HTML5 responsive training, Sun-Health branded TraCorp LMS and TraCorp Help Desk registration services.

Global Financial Institutions

Core compliance training.

Healthcare Systems

TraCorp’s Online Clinical Orientation (OCO) platform

Additional News Functionality – 9.2.3

  Additional News Functionality News is updated to have the same functionality as email. The History tab shows users who read the news item and when it was read.  

Archiving Classrooms – 9.2.3

  Archiving Classrooms This allows you to send a classroom to an archived area, preventing it from being displayed as an option for future classroom sessions. A classroom with future sessions cannot be archived, but one with past sessions can. Also, classrooms can be unarchived to be made available again in creating new sessions.  

Categorizing Resources by Type: Document, Website, Video and Audio – 9.2.3

  Categorizing Resources by Type: Document, Website, Video and Audio Online Resources can now be broken down into four types to allow students more filtering options in Novusii. The types are: Document, Website, Video and Audio. Admin view: Student view:  

Default Calendar View for Classroom and Webinar Sessions – 9.2.3

  Default Calendar View for Classroom and Webinar Sessions We now have a calendar view for all classroom and webinar sessions, which shows a student what is upcoming and what they are registered for. There is a key at the top — Green: Registered; Yellow: Waiting List; Gray: Not Registered. Students can also filter this […]

Default Thumbnails Per Content Type – 9.2.3

  Default Thumbnails Per Content Type We’ve created default thumbnails, per content type, to replace the auto-generated icons. Old thumbnail: All Content without a thumbnail uploaded New thumbnails: Bundled Content Webinars Online Training Online Test Other Online Resources Classroom Training  

Multiple Content Owners – 9.2.3

  Multiple Content Owners A new Ownership tab was added to all pieces of content, allowing you to add multiple owners. Before this modification, if a UGA uploaded a piece of content they were they owner — meaning only that UGA could edit the piece of content. Now, a UGA can add multiple owners to […]

The Content Review/Expiration System – 9.2.3

  The Content Review/Expiration System The Content Review/Expiration System was designed to set a review period for a piece of content. The system will email the uploader (Owner) and Author (selected by the uploader), at the end of a specified time period, that the content is getting ready to expire and needs to be reviewed. […]

Webinar and Classroom Session Import Tools – 9.2.3

  Webinar and Classroom Session Import Tools These tools allow you to create multiple classroom or webinar sessions for classroom or webinar content pieces using the CSV template available for download. They can be found under Admin Tools.  

Developer Update – 9.2.3

  LMS Version 9.2.3 We’ve launched and we’re excited! See below to preview the new student interface in your environment. Log out of the LMS. Return to login page. Remove any text appended to your URL after Append “Novusii” to the URL after the “/” and press Enter to reload the page. Log in […]

4 Tips for Writing Video Training

While many of the same good writing principles apply to both instructional video and interactive eLearning (or any effective training materials, for that matter), writing for video has some unique aspects that require additional guidelines. Remembering a few basic tips can help you write effective training videos that take full advantage of the unique nature […]

3 Ways to Help Online Learners with Disabilities

As course creators, our highest priorities are to help learners master instructional objectives and transfer new knowledge and skills to real-life situations. At the beginning of a project, course development teams typically create a profile of their target learners. This information might include the number of people taking the class, their job roles, locations, and […]

2 Traits Instructional Designers Need Most

TraCorp is a custom learning solutions provider and, due to the nature of our business, we regularly build diverse teams of learning professionals that meet specific client needs. For a given project, we might need a team with specific industry experience (e.g. finance), a specialized skill set (e.g. video scripting and production), or content familiarity […]

Learning Factories: Leveraging Hidden Learning Heroes in Your Organization

Through their LMS, the State of Arizona has developed over 7,000 mini learning factories—led by supervisors—that build and track custom learning paths for over 63,000 staff, interns, and volunteers. In addition to offering courses produced by L&D, supervisors can publish custom content for their teams and request permission to share it with other groups. This […]