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Motorola - Trade Show Support

Motorola – Trade Show Support

Motorola wanted to educate a worldwide audience at trade shows across the globe and then record pertinent target audience feedback to help build the next generation of products. This combination online survey and custom online training application demonstrates TraCorp's commitment to high quality communications pieces. Shown in Taiwan and South Africa, Motorola's intent was to solicit input from trade show attendees and to develop these ideas into next generation communications tools. The application was designed to stimulate the thought process and motivate users to assess the state of their company's communications future.


Wireless Mountain – Kiosk at Comdex

TraCorp created an interactive promotional CD/Kiosk that was launched by Wireless Mountain at COMDEX. The application let users explore Wireless Mountain's products and services in a self-paced environment. The application was developed using Macromedia Flash for both the Internet and CD-ROM deployment. P.S. Wireless Mountain won best of show at COMDEX!.


Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center (MATEC)

MATEC, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, had a mission to deliver semiconductor manufacturing curriculum and course materials to community college professors across the country. TraCorp worked with MATEC to design and build an Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) that enabled professors to browse materials over the Internet and quickly download and build lesson plans complete with course content and training aids. This now allows U.S. workers to compete with other countries for high paying jobs at semiconductor plants.


Procter & Gamble/Iams Company – Good for Life Update

The Iams Foundation in Nutrition training was originally developed for the U.S. veterinary audience. Vets learn about pet nutrition and the specific value derived from the nutritional ingredients of the Iams pet food line. The training was so well received that Iams returned to TraCorp to reproduce the course in several different languages, including Japanese, German, Italian and Spanish. The course is now offered for credit in some colleges. TraCorp also converted this one to Macromedia Flash to allow users easier Internet access.


Honeywell – Primus Epic Certification

Okay, it's not training, but we would never turn away a great customer. Honeywell was in the mood to celebrate, and they invited TraCorp to the party. Phoenix based Aviation Electronic Systems wanted a high-energy presentation that traced the development of the Primus Epic integrated system (a really cool cockpit display) from the first press release in 1996 to the certification on five aircraft platforms in the spring of 2004. The presentation was well received by over 800 Honeywell employees, including the CEO.


Dynamic Educational Systems, Inc. – New Employee Orientation

There has never been a better online learning fit for a national company than \"New Employee Training.\" The reason is simple: new employees are trained on the first day they join the firm. No more waiting for an instructor, no excuses for not knowing the rules. It all happens on the first day of work with NO impact to existing operations. It just doesn't get better than that. If the training course happens to be really enjoyable and lets you know that you are working for a great company with a lot of fun people…well, that is TraCorp's added bonus.


Procter & Gamble/Iams Company – Product Knowledge

TraCorp helped Iams explain why their products target the special needs of your pet. Each pet's nutritional needs differ depending on breed, size, age and activity level. Iams Product Knowledge training extensively covers the benefits of their products to address each and every one of these criteria. The course clearly demonstrated that Iams products provide the essential needs for the health of your pet's vital organs, digestive track, oral health, skin and coat, bones and muscle, and sensory/mental acuity. By the way, TraCorp pets use Iams products exclusively! We were convinced!


Procter & Gamble/IamsCompany – Label Reading

Iams, a long time customer of TraCorp, recently requested to update courseware originally produced in Macromedia Authorware to Macromedia Flash for their Label Reading course. The final result was their customers were allowed easier Internet access to the lessons that were now launched from their Learning Management System (LMS). TraCorp products work! We guarantee it!


ASML – Twin Scan

Key ASML training personnel participated in TraCorp's Co-Development Program to create online training for their microchip production equipment, the PAS 5500 Scanner and the TwinScan. This machinery is so large it takes an entire Boeing 747 to ship it. It uses a combination of precision mechanical and electronic equipment including a laser and complex robotics. The goal was to create training for worldwide maintenance personnel and deliver it just-in-time as machines arrived at factories. The training is a big hit and has been given a very high rating by maintenance engineers. The program makes extensive use of animation to effectively demonstrate mechanical and electrical systems. Rigorous testing is built-in to determine competency.

Motorola - Trade Show Support

Motorola – Product Knowledge

TraCorp created a program for Motorola to teach worldwide sales personnel how end-customers could use Motorola's mConcierge product. The presentation was designed to operate in a linear presentation with a hidden menu feature and can be used as an educational kiosk at trade shows. Sales Reps received specific training on what is in it for the carrier; who is the customer profile for the service; what is the application bundling mix by segment; what is the willingness to pay and what is the adoption rate and sales forecast.