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Corning – Science Products

The challenge was to train globally dispersed salespeople on the entire product line to increase worldwide sales. Accomplishing these goals required TraCorp to build an Custom Online Training application in a gaming environment and deliver it in nine languages. Covering not just products, the application teaches basic cellular biology and the scientific processes used in the industry. Corning expects that this familiarity with their products and industry processes will result in increased worldwide sales, and feedback from the sales force says "It's working!"


United Blood Services – MAK Systems Progesa Training

United Blood Services needed to implement a company wide software change in order to meet the challenge of Y2K compatibility. TraCorp created a 26-hour software training program that not only accurately simulated the software, but also provided complete tracking documentation leading to personnel certification in a FDA regulated environment. Training is currently underway and the response from both employees and trainers has been overwhelmingly positive.


TMSSC – Pathologist Training

Users within the five different medical disciplines of the Army, Navy and Air Force required training on mission critical software tasks in order to complete assigned job duties. To teach the software tasks, a simulation environment was created along a feedback rich structure that actually turned negatives into positives by using wrong answers as an opportunity to learn and try again. Note: This is just one example of many Custom Online Training applications TraCorp has developed to support the deployment and training requirements for military software systems.


TriWest – New Employee Orientation

How do you give your new employees an accurate, easy-to-access orientation to your company? How do you easily explain how to get to the company intranet on the first day, your company's history in healthcare, how your company is structured, and successful ways of interacting with customers? And, how do you know if your new employees understand the information? This all becomes easy with TraCorp's online learning new employee orientation! This course answered all TriWest Healthcare's new employee needs, and we even traced all the student scores to TraCorp's Learning Management System (LMS).


Banner Health – Weapons of Mass Destruction Series

Banner Health is preparing medical personnel to treat patients in the event of an attack involving Weapons of Mass Destruction. This extensive course series covers chemical, biological and radiological weapons. TraCorp used detailed animations to illustrate highly technical concepts such as the detonation processes of fission and fusion. We hope the knowledge gained from this training program will never have to be applied, but we know the students will be prepared!


ASTDD – Mobile Dental Clinic

Who says doctors don't make house calls any more? The Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors (ASTDD) do! ASTDD has developed a highly effective way of treating handicapped patients or those that live in remote locations with quality dental care through the Mobile Dental Clinic. ASTDD wanted to create a website that would educate, and provide resources to dentists interested in starting their own Mobile Dental Clinic. TraCorp developed a unique interface and made information available that was collected from a variety of volunteer agencies to create an excellent online resource for the dental community.


TMMSC- Theatre Medical Information Program (TMIP)

TraCorp partnered with Tri-Service Medical Systems Support Center (TMMSC) to create the Theatre Medical Information Program (TMIP) training course. Medical military personal were trained to correctly input information in a simulated software environment prior to being assigned to a location. The software was used to input medical information on military personal out in the field. The information covered MASH units as well as actual hospitals in order to predict trends and to organize bed status and availability.


Otis Elevator Company – Maintenance and Safety

Otis Elevator chose TraCorp to update an existing elevator maintenance and safety online training course. TraCorp's team seamlessly matched writing style, graphical look and feel, and interactivity to cost-effectively update the course.


NDC Health – Health Retail Rx Contracting Services Training

NDC Health wanted to train sales personnel on the comprehensive process that occurs between pharmaceutical companies and retail pharmacies. The goal was to enable more sales through a better understanding of NDC's contracting programs, contracting service, potential customers, customers programs and selling prescription retail contracting services. Sales scenarios were created to allow students to practice in a simulated environment followed by an assessment.


Indian Health Service – Dental Procedures

Ever need an emergency root canal in the middle of an Indian reservation? It would certainly help if the local dentist were trained in emergency dental procedures. That is exactly what we set out to do in this training program. Lesson topics are: Patient Dialog, Professional Observations, Diagnosis and Treatment, Plan for Treatment and Case Studies. Many highly engaging training scenarios were created for dentists. The success of this program is due to the hard work of public health officials Dr. Tom Taylor and Mary Beth Kinney, PhD, Ed. Dr. Tom and Mary Beth: This Bud is for you!