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Arizona Supreme Court – Legal Research

The Arizona Supreme Court made the decision to turn all of their New Judge Orientation classroom courses into online training. This method was chosen due to the need to quickly and consistently train court officers statewide and track their results, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. TraCorp was given the task to create a courseware that’s both professional and fun. As a part of the Judicial College of Arizona, this course teaches new Justices of the Peace, Justices of the Peace Pro Tempore, and Justice Court Hearing Officers how to use the basic references for locating statutes, rules, and cases in order to research citations.


Dynamic Educational Systems, Inc. – New Employee Orientation

There has never been a better online learning fit for a national company than \"New Employee Training.\" The reason is simple: new employees are trained on the first day they join the firm. No more waiting for an instructor, no excuses for not knowing the rules. It all happens on the first day of work with NO impact to existing operations. It just doesn't get better than that. If the training course happens to be really enjoyable and lets you know that you are working for a great company with a lot of fun people…well, that is TraCorp's added bonus.


The Richdale Group – New Employee Training

Richdale hired TraCorp to convert their digital manual to an online course delivered across the Internet. The course launches on Richdale U, powered by TraCorp's LMS. It provides new employee orientation in real time and documents that new hires have read and understand company policies and government regulations.


Avnet – The Avnet Supply Chain

TraCorp brought Avnet storyboards to life by developing highly interactive learning exercises regarding the dynamics of the Avnet supply chain. The goal of the training was to increase customer satisfaction by enabling employees to understand the role of each party that produces, delivers or sells a product within Avnet. TraCorp used Flash animations and learning games to make the complex topic of supply chain dynamics easier for employees to visualize and learn.


Arizona Supreme Court – Legal Terminology

TraCorp helped the Arizona Supreme Court to convert their New Judge Orientation classroom courses into online training. As a part of the Judicial College of Arizona, this course introduces new Justices of the Peace, Justices of the Peace Pro Tempore, and Justice Court Hearing Officers to the “legal language” used in the legal community. Students learn the common legal terminology used in the field while following the story of a typical court case.


Software Training – Microsoft Word

TraCorp created a unique training environment for the Microsoft Office Word product. The interface simulates the actual Microsoft product with a unique twist--the "Pathfinder". Employees receive information in the Pathfinder on how to complete a task. The task is demonstrated, and then the employees try to perform the task on their own. A "Show Me" button is available if an employee needs to have a step repeated. The training is reinforced with quiz questions directly related to the training objective for each module. The task is scored and feedback is given by an animated character.


ACSS – SafeRoute

ACSS chose TraCorp to update their SafeRoute course. TraCorp provided instructional design and media services to update and professionally narrate the Microsoft PowerPoint course. TraCorp often teams with customers, like ACSS, who want to get the most out of their online educational assets at the lowest possible cost. The target audience was UPS air freight pilots using the SafeRoute equipment.");


Choice Hotels – Drivers Ed (Webinar)

The Drivers ED webinar was converted into a low cost multimedia course with professionally narrated audio and associated graphics. The course was placed in TraCorp’s SCORM compliant courseware shell so it could be assigned and tracked on Choice University.


Phoenix Children’s Hospital – Bicycle Driver’s Ed

Phoenix Children’s Hospital teamed with TraCorp to create a children’s bike safety program funded by a grant from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and the Bikes Belong Coalition. Called “Bicycle Driver’s Ed,” the course’s goal is to reduce head traumas in children. Bicycle Driver’s Ed creates a fun and engaging learning environment that motivates children to complete the course and earn a Bicycle Driver’s License. The course includes a teacher’s Online Training Guide that meets state education standards for classroom use.


Charleston School of Protocol – Professional Table Manners

TraCorp created Professional Table Manners for the Charleston School of Protocol. This course is the first in a series of online training programs in the Professional Savvy Series. The course teaches business professionals formal dining skills from the privacy of their computer. The course was written with the professional businessperson in mind, but it can be beneficial to anyone who wants to learn the gracious art of dining well. This course as well as the rest of the Professional Savvy Series is available for sale on the Charleston School of Protocol website.


German Localization of Honeywell Green Belt Course

TraCorp works everyday localizing courseware into multiple languages for delivery to the Pacific Rim, South America and Europe. All on screen text, job aids and audio were localized ensuring that same rich media experience for all target audiences. In addition, closed captions were added to the video vignettes.


Rio Salado College – Mobile Learning

Starting with a baseline computer science course, TraCorp developed a PDA delivered mobile learning course. The purpose was to give students an alternative online/offline learning platform. The CIS 133A course was reformatted for optimum PDA delivery. Each lesson concluded with a “Rags to Riches” game so students could test their knowledge.


City of Tempe – Preventative Maintenance Program

The City of Tempe had been benefiting from long-time employees in the Water Management Division who had performed at an exceptional level on-the-job. The challenge of the division was that these exceptional employees were retiring, and with them, the knowledge of their job functions. TraCorp went on routine and emergency calls with the Water Management Division in order to determine \"best practices\". The training course that resulted documented the procedures and protocols that would guarantee the quality of workmanship and level of service being provided would continue without compromise.


Honeywell – Primus Epic Certification

Okay, it's not training, but we would never turn away a great customer. Honeywell was in the mood to celebrate, and they invited TraCorp to the party. Phoenix based Aviation Electronic Systems wanted a high-energy presentation that traced the development of the Primus Epic integrated system (a really cool cockpit display) from the first press release in 1996 to the certification on five aircraft platforms in the spring of 2004. The presentation was well received by over 800 Honeywell employees, including the CEO.


Online games and applications

In 2010, several companies leveraged TraCorp's development and programming skills to create highly interactive online games and applications. The programs are generally used for business processes, marketing and promotional purposes. The same high fidelity interactions and programming can be found in all of TraCorp's custom online training courses.


Banner Health – Psychological Aspects of Terrorism

Banner Health hired TraCorp to develop a blended learning solution aimed at Emergency Department (ED) personnel. Using a combination of online and classroom training, the course allows ED personnel to explore the psychological effects of terrorism on individuals in their communities. The online learning portion features extensive role playing scenarios. A series of companion PowerPoint presentations and instructor notes allows greater exploration in training workshops. TraCorp also developed a scripted drill testing the effectiveness of each hospital’s ED with respect to terrorism preparedness.

Motorola - Trade Show Support

Motorola – Trade Show Support

Motorola wanted to educate a worldwide audience at trade shows across the globe and then record pertinent target audience feedback to help build the next generation of products. This combination online survey and custom online training application demonstrates TraCorp's commitment to high quality communications pieces. Shown in Taiwan and South Africa, Motorola's intent was to solicit input from trade show attendees and to develop these ideas into next generation communications tools. The application was designed to stimulate the thought process and motivate users to assess the state of their company's communications future.


Honeywell – Six Sigma Fundamentals

Six Sigma Fundamentals was converted from a classroom course to an online learning course. The classroom games, exercises and interactions with teammates were recreated in the online version. Students participate in activities with their online classmates to solve real world problems using Six Sigma tools and processes. The course environment follows an Olympic theme and backdrop. Activities are timed and medals are awarded upon successful completion.


Pierce Eislen – Pierce Eislen Subscriber

Pierce Eislen hired TraCorp to develop short animations that quickly instruct learners to perform specific tasks within the Pierce Eislen Subscriber software, which is geared toward the commercial apartment industry. Learners view a brief narrated overview of the software task followed by an animated example of the task in a simulated environment. After the example animation finishes, the course provides a link directly to the Subscriber application so the learner can perform the task within the actual software.


TMMSC- Theatre Medical Information Program (TMIP)

TraCorp partnered with Tri-Service Medical Systems Support Center (TMMSC) to create the Theatre Medical Information Program (TMIP) training course. Medical military personal were trained to correctly input information in a simulated software environment prior to being assigned to a location. The software was used to input medical information on military personal out in the field. The information covered MASH units as well as actual hospitals in order to predict trends and to organize bed status and availability.

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