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Jackson Pierce – Outreach and Admissions

Jackson Pierce, a Department of Labor Job Corp contractor, hired TraCorp to create a web presence using the TraCorp Learning Management System (LMS) as the basis of the Jackson Pierce Academy. This was part of a progressive strategy to demonstrate how to train new employees in a relatively high turnover environment using an online learning strategy. The TraCorp LMS was branded and configured to match the Jackson Pierce ‘look and feel’ and contained sample interactive training courses and tests.

Motorola - Trade Show Support

Motorola – Product Knowledge

TraCorp created a program for Motorola to teach worldwide sales personnel how end-customers could use Motorola's mConcierge product. The presentation was designed to operate in a linear presentation with a hidden menu feature and can be used as an educational kiosk at trade shows. Sales Reps received specific training on what is in it for the carrier; who is the customer profile for the service; what is the application bundling mix by segment; what is the willingness to pay and what is the adoption rate and sales forecast.


Banking/Credit Card Company – Fraud Detection Training

Because of an ongoing effort to reduce credit card fraud, this Banking and Credit Card Company developed a fraud awareness program for all employees, from entry level through management. TraCorp developed this program into an engaging and interactive "game" to teach participants nationwide about fraud and the impact of fraud on the company. This game interface has been identified by users to be fun and motivational by allowing students to "learn and play" while making their environment a better place through fraud awareness.


Catholic Healthcare West – Roadways to Healthcare Careers

This presentation was created for a senior Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) executive and used narrated avatars to tell a story to the audience. The presentation outlined an after school program for high school students interested in the nursing field. By working with TraCorp, the presenter delivered the information in a powerful multimedia format.


Metropolitan Water District – California Friendly Gardening

TraCorp worked with Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to develop a highly interactive online course on “California Friendly Gardening…for the Water Wise”. Launched through the “Be Water Wise” website, consumers can access information on plant selection, irrigation basics and landscape design. The first in its series, this course gives an overview of landscaping fundamentals and allows learners to design custom plans that can be printed when completed.


Choice Hotels – Rate Management

The Rate Management course teaches Choice Hotels' operators the proper method to set the Best Available Rate (for their inventory of rooms). Video role plays along with interactive content model both desired and undesired behaviors. Upon completion, operators are assessed to determine mastery.


United States Federal Bankruptcy Court – vCal

TraCorp worked with the Federal Bankruptcy Court to develop a blended learning approach for their vCal court scheduling system. The project included developing an exercise rich training course with a companion online user manual. A marketing demo was created for courts not using the system.


ASML (ASM Lithography) -Wafer Handling

TraCorp worked with ASML trainers, engineers and training department professionals to create courseware in Authorware, Flash and 3D Studio Max to simulate maintenance procedures. Powerful simulations allow students to choose the correct tools and perform complex software and mechanical procedures. This project is part of an ongoing Co-Development Program with ASML where TraCorp instructional designers and media personnel work side-by-side with ASML employees to develop world class Custom Online Training products in a mentoring environment.


Procter & Gamble/Iams Company – Product Knowledge

TraCorp helped Iams explain why their products target the special needs of your pet. Each pet's nutritional needs differ depending on breed, size, age and activity level. Iams Product Knowledge training extensively covers the benefits of their products to address each and every one of these criteria. The course clearly demonstrated that Iams products provide the essential needs for the health of your pet's vital organs, digestive track, oral health, skin and coat, bones and muscle, and sensory/mental acuity. By the way, TraCorp pets use Iams products exclusively! We were convinced!


CARF – uSPEQ Video Presentation

uSPEQ is a scientifically superior process for determining what stakeholders believe about a healthcare organization. The uSPEQ video is an online informational presentation about the process. The video is targeted at the senior leadership within the US hospital system.


Air National Guard – Continuous Flight Pay

The Air National Guard hired TraCorp to create an online learning course on Aviation Resource Management Fundamentals to train their personnel on how to calculate continuous flight pay. TraCorp created a highly interactive training course with role-plays, learning games and bounded simulations that allow students to practice and test their knowledge. Scenarios are presented to the learner who must then use job aids to correctly apply all appropriate variables.


Siemens/Acuson – Mobile Ultrasound

TraCorp worked with the Siemens/Acuson Corporation to design a training program that would deliver on the Internet/Intranet, LAN/WAN, CD-ROM and videotape. They wanted to make sure that no matter what the limitations were for the customer, training would be available for their new portable medical ultrasound product. Training now delivers just-in-time at private medical offices and hospital emergency wards worldwide. With the release of the training package, they were able to minimize technical phone support and still continue to enjoy their ongoing status of unsurpassed customer service.


United Blood Services – MAK Systems Progesa Training

United Blood Services needed to implement a company wide software change in order to meet the challenge of Y2K compatibility. TraCorp created a 26-hour software training program that not only accurately simulated the software, but also provided complete tracking documentation leading to personnel certification in a FDA regulated environment. Training is currently underway and the response from both employees and trainers has been overwhelmingly positive.



This marketing video was created for CARF as a collateral piece for their corporate website. The video outlines the new ASPIRE Program intended for CARF’s healthcare customers. TraCorp offers its customers both writing and production services for online videos and multimedia collateral.


Metropolitan Water District – Plant Care

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California contracted with TraCorp to develop a series of courses that help residents understand the best ways to conserve water. The highly interactive Plant Care course provides information on how to analyze soil, create a water schedule and best feed various types of plants. Consumers access this course on-demand from the “Be Water Wise” website.


SM&A – Success Management Program

TraCorp created a 15 minute training course for SM&A that informed employees about a new employee compensation system as well as trained them to use the software associated with the system. SM&A launched the training online and was able to implement the new system seamlessly across the company.


Avnet – Career Development

The Career Development course is used by Avnet personnel to determine where they are in their career, set future goals and implement a career path plan. The course includes a simulated version of the Career Development Process allowing employees to practice before creating their personal goals.


Sologic – eRCA Problem Analyst

This eRCA (Root Cause Analysis) course teaches students how to achieve professional success solving problems. Lessons cover the appropriate Sologic tools to support root cause analysis. Learners practice solving problems using Sologic methods within the Causelink® charting environment. For more information, please go to http://www.sologic.com/rca-products-services/e-learning.


Arizona Supreme Court – Legal Research

The Arizona Supreme Court made the decision to turn all of their New Judge Orientation classroom courses into online training. This method was chosen due to the need to quickly and consistently train court officers statewide and track their results, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. TraCorp was given the task to create a courseware that’s both professional and fun. As a part of the Judicial College of Arizona, this course teaches new Justices of the Peace, Justices of the Peace Pro Tempore, and Justice Court Hearing Officers how to use the basic references for locating statutes, rules, and cases in order to research citations.


Dynamic Educational Systems, Inc. – New Employee Orientation

There has never been a better online learning fit for a national company than \"New Employee Training.\" The reason is simple: new employees are trained on the first day they join the firm. No more waiting for an instructor, no excuses for not knowing the rules. It all happens on the first day of work with NO impact to existing operations. It just doesn't get better than that. If the training course happens to be really enjoyable and lets you know that you are working for a great company with a lot of fun people…well, that is TraCorp's added bonus.

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